Lana Jean Rose

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"I love her work! She is very aware
of placement. I see lots of imagery
of harmony in the lighter piece but
I especially love the darker piece because I find it very expressive and emotional. I see fragmentation and upset in this piece. I can see a little girl. Does this piece have anything to do with your childhood? I love the colors, texture and your ability to use assemblage to express
your emotions."

Matty Roca
Critic and Art Historian

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Commissioned by the Mexican Government to create a public art project to teach 300 homeless families living in Puerto Vallarta how to gather paper from the waste stream, recycle it and incorporate hard-to-recycle items into the matrix of a sheet of handmade paper.

Commissioned by the Chinese Government to bring her project "Renaissance of Papermaking" and a small group of 6th grade students to teach their Sister City peers how to establish "zero paper waste" schools.

Commissioned by the City of Berkeley, California, "Lost Chambers", 60' x 7' x 3', Addison Street Windows, Berkeley, California.

Commissioned by City of Fukuoka, Japan, Lana was invited to bring a small group of Oakland elementary students to teach their sister-city peers how to create a "zero-paper waste school" and emphasized the importance of recycling. A body of selected works for an exhibition of both Oakland students artwork along with well-known Northern California paper artists was exhibited at the famous Zolaria Plaza.


"Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea"
2003 & 2009, Florence
, Italy

"12" X 12” X 12”"
Beca Gallery, New Orleans, LA

"Dear Mother Earth"
Marin Civic Center, San Rafael, CA

"Jack London Square Waterfront Windows"
Oakland, CA

"Bioneers Conference"
Marin Civic Center, San Rafael, CA

"Women’s Caucus for Art"
San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA

"Tribute to Neruda"
Gallery Route One, Point Reyes, CA

"Power in Practice"
University of Philidephia, PA

"Natural Dialogue"
California Museum Modern Art, San Francisco, CA

"Vessels and Fiber"
The Oakland Museum, Oakland, CA

Himes Gallery, Dallas, TX

"Renaissance of Papermaking"
Prieto Gallery, Oakland, CA

"Books and Journals"
Prieto Gallery, Oakland, CA

"Tribute to Neruda"
Dalian, China

"Explorations in Paper"
Oakland City Hall Chambers, Oakland, CA

"What Links Us?"
Light Industrial University, Dalian, China

"Living in Balance"
Richmond Art Center, CA

"Renaissance of Paper"
Traveling Solo Show, San Franciso Airport, SF, CA

"Renaissance of Paper"
Traveling Solo Show, Oakland Airport, CA

"Dear Mother Earth"
Traveling exhibition, Hyde Gallery, Fremont, CA

"Renaissance of Paper"
Traveling Solo Show, Zepher Gallery, Fukuoka, Japan

"Renaissance of Papermaking: Giving Back the Gift"
Fukuoka, Japan

"Re-Invigoring Handmade Paper"
Museum of Fukuoka, Japan

"Recent Works"
City Hall, Chikuho-Machi, Japan

"Recent Pieces"
Chikuho-Machi Community Museum, Chikuho-Machi, Japan

Fukuoka, Japan